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How to become an Influencer? (Part 2)

August 07

How To Create Highly Engaging Posts For Instagram/Facebook/YouTube?

Hope you have completed the tasks given in the previous article

Today, we are going to learn how and which types of posts to create to get the maximum level of engagement. This arises a question, what kind of content do we need to post to get that engagement? Here are some points to make a plan about our post:

How will you create such posts? I will tell you the strategies and tactics to follow before creating your post. This can be applied on Instagram, Facebook and on YouTube videos too. Your content should have a topic which includes:

I personally experienced the power of these topics. Its not a rocket science, its a simple human psychology to understand people in which situations they got interested. So according to that analysis, people often get curious about the numbers, questions or a curious topic.

Moreover, the topics which includes questions and numbers are ranked higher in YouTube search, because people often use these terms for their search of topic. On Instagram and Facebook, they highly engage with such kind of posts, and as a result, Instagram and Facebook suggest them similar kind of posts, that means the demand of such posts increase.

Concludingly, you have to make such posts which:

Well, this is all for todays newsletter, I know this one is short but this newsletter is most precious among all. Now you need to work on the tasks to be completed for the next step and its the beginning of your content creation journey too.

Tasks to be completed:

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Photo by alexander

How to become an Influencer? (Part 2)

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