Photo by Alina on unsplash
Photo by Alina on Unsplash

Why you should teach someone and the easiest way you can do it

June 05

 If you want to cut your learning curve dramatically, learn with the intention of teaching the information to someone else.

Think about it: if you have to give a presentation on what to learn, you will approach how you learn the topic with the intention of mastering it well  enough to explain to someone else. You might want to get a clear idea of that topic. 🤔 Our brain acts as a deletion device. One of the reasons just studying is inefficient is because it involves only a small portion of brain. You're using a more analytical part of your brain to process information and store what you need to learn. By just studying you're Implementing just part of your brain.

There are lots of ways out there to learn something which you are not going to use later. For example most things you're learning in school are never used so we eventually forgot. Today I am not going to talk about that type of learning 😅. What we are particularly going to see is how to understand something you really want to master in life using Feynman technique. Feynman technique is the best technique atleast for me as a Physicst for understanding something deep. Well for those who don't know about Feynman he is an American Physicst who got noble prize for his works in  quantum electrodynamics in the year 1965. Just leave if you don't know about quantum mechanics leave it atleast for now.  He is one of the greatest minds in history. But apart this what made him truly famous is for his teaching.  Anyone who loves physics would know him. He is regarded as the greatest explainer of physics. The Feynman technique can be traced back to Einstein's quote

If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough.

To put it in feynman's way if you want to understand something better, explain it simply which is the crux of feynman's technique.

The Feynman technique has 4 ways:

  1. Write the name of the topic in the piece of paper.
  2. Explain it in the simplest way possible. Don't just write the concepts. Use examples and illustrations too.
  3. After writing explain the concept as if you are teaching a class. Explain it as if you are explaining it to a kid in a simplest way possible.
  4. Go back to the weak areas which you have struggled while explaining and try to understand it better.

In step 3 if a kid is curious about that topic and wants to know that then go ahead explain it to the kid. So kids are always curious to know more so they ask more questions which will eventually helps you understand the concept. The more number of questions the child asks the more you dive deeper into the topic. If you don't have anyone to explain it with put a post on this website which you are currently in. This website has lots of readers of all age groups throughout the world so there will be more questions in the comments and you can answer them if you can't someone may provided a reply so you can learn from that. Eventually it becomes a big community of people you can form. As time goes big audience or followers  you will get which will be just amazing 😄. 

Article will be continued tommorow

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Photo by Alina on unsplash

Why you should teach someone and the easiest way you can do it

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